Hillary Clinton

Going back to her years in Arkansas as wife of Attorney General Bill Clinton and then Governor Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton has a long record of extreme liberal positions on marriage, family and abortion. While this draws dedicated left wing, high information Democrats to her, it is a glaring weakness with a large segment of Democrats who are less committed and pay less attention.

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Darryl Glenn

Darryl Glenn is an extraordinarily charming man. He is Black. He is a serious Christian. He went to the Air Force Academy. He is happy and telegenic. And he’s not a career politician. He’s just a county commissioner in Colorado Springs.

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Joe Heck

This is Harry Reid’s Senate seat. This is the most competitive race in the nation. Reid and Democrats are pumping tens of millions of dollars into Nevada. They don’t want to lose.

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Hispanic Radio

Hispanic radio can be a powerful force in voter turnout and has been proven to swing results in elections. For this reason, our strategy includes targeting this often neglected audience.

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Join our cause. Join in the fight for a better America. We all know what is at stake this year and we all know that nothing can be done without the support of Americans everywhere. We ask for and appreciate your support.

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Our Method

We use a sophisticated two part methodology that has a proven success record. Through our heavy research approach we identify turn-out voters and target them with ads which drive them into action. The results of our process are effective and powerful.

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